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It’s been a long time, I wrote something. I recently heard the shocking news that an 11-year-old little Author is Amazon KDP bestseller and thought why not share this with you all ( Me-club )

Yahhh… I do copywriting for sure! But you Of course know that Copywriting comprises not only my thought and ideas but also my client’s expectations, client’s client needs, and yuppp you, our readers & lifelong partners in our happiness and journey.

I loveeeeeee Copywriting but the fact is we get so little space to express our overflowing expressions of thoughts. That’s why I also do content writing & blogging to open up my bottled-up thoughts of long long voices of words rounding on and on in my mind.

As a copywriter, I always wondered what would have happened to my career, If only I would have started writing earlier, without fearing the societal norms, my age, and knock-knock self-criticism. Alas, I started too late. At my age, I also realized my love for writing too late.

Nevertheless, I never regretted any choice in my life.

While reading through various articles and googling here and there, just to grab some more information about the current literature world, I came across a very interesting and unbelievable story of a little boy who is now an author of the best-selling crime thriller on Amazon KDP ( yessss….Amazon Kindle Store)….

First, I was like Whatttttttttttt?

A little boayyyyyy and an Author, And that too best seller?

I searched And searched to validate the news and finally realized that it was just my prejudice.

He has actually made it and so I silently accept the fact that Today’s generation is not what it was a decade earlier. Talent sprouts everywhere, anytime, and at any age.

What the little Author’s life looks like

This boy is a Pune-based Malayali boy named Joshua Bejoy. He is just 11………let me repeat Eleveennnnnnnnn…

I mean, I might be just playing around on the ground at that time at my age, enjoying sweets and being covered with mud. But look at this little boy….Bruhhhhhhhhh… He smashed my imagination on life as a little child.

At the age of 11, Joshua Bejoy is the author of a best-selling crime thriller on the Amazon Kindle Store in the Children’s Crime and Thriller category. Joshua’s Murder at the Leaky Barrel, the first novel of the Class 6 student, currently tops (Kindle edition) in the U.S., U.K., Australia, India, and Canada.

And to my amazement, Joshua’s novel in English kindles curiosity and suspense, and was on the top seller list on the very first day of its release making him the youngest Indian to have a best-selling novel to his credit. Joshua, in case you are reading this, a big thumbs up for you.

Of course, his mother has a huge influence on him. Her mother even spoke once that Joshua was a very shy boy and reluctant to show his work to anyone. She also said that he writes for his own pleasure.

Little author is amazon kdp bestseller

When the pandemic and lockdown hit everyone down and we were constrained to survive within the confinement of our home, our little boy Joshua started writing ‘Murder at the Leaky Barrel’ during the lockdown. It took seven months for him to complete it. That is a good speed to complete a novel, considering he also was studying and had to prepare for exams simultaneously.

Little peak into the story

Just a little over glance at his story for you:

“Friday the thirteenth. Halloween night. 1532, Dublin, Ireland. After a night out in a bar, Edward Brown is returning back home, where he was murdered. Five centuries later, on Halloween, he has woken up from his sleep, a thought to get revenge in his mind.”

The novel happened in an Irish background and is progressing with a vengeance and the investigation into it five centuries later. The plot, very unlikely by an 11-year-old writer, has the potential to hook any crime thriller fan.

And let me tell you an amazing fact that While Joshua has never travelled outside India, he researched Ireland to create a realistic setting for his story. He took the help of Google Maps to locate roads and areas, which is just a lot of serious love towards writing at this tender age.

Good preparation with sincere dedication, Right?

A sixth-standard student of Ryan International School, Pune, Joshua has been a passionate reader of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Hmmmm, I love Harry Potter too but it never came to my thought that I should try writing a story though.

Heyaaaa, just kidding! To be honest, I love how written words have warmth and breath to their own soul. And the amazing part is how it touches everyone differently.

“You need a natural knack for writing. If you have that warmth when you write, your readers will feel that passion. From there your words will take your readers to the imaginary world you created in the book, “the young writer talks about the skill of writing.

Amazingggggg Linesssssss!!

He is such a little boy, still studying, and has a long life ahead.

Little Author is Amazon KDP’s bestseller

Writer Community

The fact is, there still are many inspired writers out there who just not only fear writing but also Even after taking such a long effort to write; they fear publishing. He is such a great example to all those fellow writers and hard workers out there, who are just hanging there.

I feel you guys and I feel we should share such stories to inspire and let our writer’s community feel a little ray of sunshine from here and there.

writer community

As a copywriter and content strategist, I am completely aware of the work, struggle, and thought we put out in our work and serve our community. Sometimes it is appreciated, and sometimes it is criticized.

We fear, We doubt and many a time; We feel lost.

But heyyyyy, before starting out a career in our literature world, you somehow know that it will not be a smooth ride, it will not be served on a platter and it will take time.

By the way, I have experienced it and felt like sometimes all it takes to make our life easy is small steps

Know and learn 7 steps or ways to simplify your everyday schedule

Our love for writing, our love for worthy content, and delicious wordology ( yes! Word+ideology= Wordology, haha I just made this word talking with you guys, ah huhhh Am I a genius? Kidding! And please no copying, It’s mine now)

So where were we? Ahhhh, yesh……. Our love for writing is pure and pure things are absolutely rare, hard to get, and amazing to have.

As a fellow partner with all writers and readers out there, I just felt the need to share some positivity and inspiration with all of you out there reading my thoughts just now. That’s why I shared this story with you all, out of the blue.


I hope one day you will realize that it all was worth it & you may also remember this short story of a boy who got a track for himself just because he removed his fear, and prejudice and just started.

Just Start, Just work it out!

That’s what I want to spread out to you all.

Did I bore you?

Hahaha, If not stay inspired with us and do share our little ray of hope to others as well with this post.

Always remember, Gratitude will come back to you, ALWAYS!!!


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