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7 Amazing free copywriting tools that everyone should have!

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Do you know what is the most effective words used in email copywriting?

It has the highest rate of CTR( Click through Rate) and makes the reader open your email.

Not only does it help you in your email copies but it also helps you in effective sales copies as well?


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If you are new, you might not have but if it’s been a while working in the copywriting industries, you better should have guessed.


It’s the magical word: FREE

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We love freebies. As consumers, As readers, As buyers, Free words tends to make readers, listeners or viewers turn their head around and even take action.

Copywriters especially are looking for ways where they can affect readers’ decisions and take them towards the desired action.

But how possibly they can achieve so?

Simple, by attention-seeking words and through an error-free display of words.

It seems simple, but trust me as a professional copywriter, it is not the case.

We need something or someone to assist us.

Because you know, no one person can do it all.

NO one person can check it all.

By the way, along with the useful tools, a professional copywriter should have a strong branding— Personal branding as well Business Branding. You can check-out our simple but necessary elements required to get your branding on point.

Learn right now because when we procrastinate, it gets never done….RIGHT???

Humans tend to make mistakes. It’s natural. But the readers do not like this.

Even though one person is tolerable to their own mistakes but intolerable towards the tiny mistakes made by others.

Yes sure it is unfair, but it is what it is.

Hence, as a front-line warriors in the battle of attention-grabbing words, we need our armor to be perfect, strong, and reliable.

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Our writing industry is full of such armor. They have created so many tools and methods that can be used when needed and they simply are amazing.

Gone are the days when as a copywriter you need to not only scan through numerous dictionaries but also have to go personally into the field to research the market.

Writers……We have the power of technologies now

We have the power of tools and software easy to install, easy to learn.

Yes, a fee ( whether your email sign up or simply allowing some permissions) has to incur for procuring them and using them.

But think of the expenses that occurred for a copywriter when these technologies and tools were not there.

Think about the time lost and wasted for research only for a single copy which may or may not work.

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Yes, as copywriters we tend to do our best and think that our words are best.

But sometimes, it just simply doesn’t work out.

Hence, fellow copywriters use technology, use tools, they are invested for you.

But if you are like me, who also in love with the word FREE. I have a piece of good news for you.

I have found some gems in the free vibe.

I have used them tested them liked them and of course, fall in love with them.

Now, I want to share them with you all too since we all need to work in the same competitive environment and a little bit of assistant from technology is not a bad thing, right?

This article will let you know:

  • The best tools for researching topics & developing tone
  • Ways to translate strong copy into powerful SEO content ( Using Tools )
  • A professional technique that separates expert copy from amateurs ( Mindset required )

Where are the tools? Name them… You ask.

Here you go…

1. Answer the public

free copywriting tools

Of course, you might be amazed, why this one is here

Let me tell you, this tool is amazing.


First of all, it is free.

Second, it is a huge source of collected and constructed data of searches on the web by the people on google and other search engines.

As a copywriter, you must think as a part writer and major marketer.

Why marketer?

Because what you actually are doing is simply a marketing sales pitch but in written form without showing your face.

Marketing hence is inevitable.

“Answer the Public” gives the ability to have visibility, at a glance, of the main questions users are asking on the topic of interest.

 It’s one way to stay updated on new trends, new slang words, and what is more likely to sell if you are a business or are trying to market a business. It’s a site that stays updated while other forums or review sites made for the same purpose begin to die out.

I like the visual representation and mind maps of questions being asked online.

free copywriting tools

This review of Answer the Public will be incomplete if we don’t talk about its pros and cons. So without further ado, let’s talk about its benefits and limitations.


  • Excellent tool for keyword research and brainstorming new topic ideas
  • It provides you visualization form of data that is unique and easy to use
  • You can export your keyword data easily using CSV format
  • It offers a free plan (no credit card required). Although it has daily search limits but it’s not bad either for beginners!


  • No keyword search volume data (you’ll have to use other tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc for the monthly searches)
  • There are no other keyword metrics available (such as competition, CPC, keyword difficulty, etc). It can be only used for content ideas so its expensive pricing each month is NOT justified.

2. Grammarly

free copywriting tools

Ok, so you’re probably asking yourself, ‘why does this girl need two tools to check grammar?’ Fair question.

Here’s the answer: I like to double and triple-check. Sue me.

What I like about Grammarly is the web app. I prefer the ProWritingAid extension, but I love the formatting of Grammarly’s online docs.

My favorite part is how Grammarly allows you to set goals, even in the free version. It gives you a performance score, has a built-in thesaurus, and tracks how clear and engaging the text is.

Another bonus is that you can choose your delivery tone — even though it’s technically a premium feature, you can still see a score on the free version. It’s an impressive online tool that keeps copying fresh, grammatically correct, and typo-free.

Of course, Given a choice between a good human editor vs. Grammarly, a human is always far superior.

I think Grammarly is worth it if you are a decent writer in term of style and content but poor at grammar rules and wants something quick and easy that will catch your mistakes.

Grammarly is the perfect addition to any smart copywriter tools collection.

3. ProWriting Aid

The first free writing tool I use religiously is Grammarly and the backup or recheck tool is ProWritingAid. If you could use extra help with spelling, grammar, then why not.

ProWritingAid is the free tool for you ( to an extent ) if you love to double-check and all that fun stuff in finding out errors.

I’ve found it to be a worthy competitor to Grammarly—it’s accurate, easy to use, and genuinely affordable. In my ProWritingAid review, is a better tool in comparison to Grammarly if you are willing to go for a paid version.

I have the Chrome extension, and it’s incredible. No matter what I’m working on, this trusty sidekick is there to tell me off for doing something wrong.

Unlike some other similar plugins, I find ProWritingAid to be less buggy. It works in Canva, which is a huge plus for me as I do a lot of design work in my free time too ( I love creating murals and book covers too).

There’s also a paid version, but I’ve never felt the need to upgrade. If you prefer a web editor to an extension, they offer that, too

4. Thesaurus

free copywriting tools and Power Thesaurus are both excellent online tools for finding synonyms. Both tools also give you antonyms and allow you to sort results according to word type.

You can use Visual Thesaurus also to help expand your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar know-how.

The best part, you can look up to (find) synonyms (words with the same meaning) and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning) for the selected word, along with other features for free.

It is like an online dictionary with multiple features and benefits.

Of course, since it is online, a click on the search button will assist you to find the words simply.

Unlike the old-fashioned dictionary book method, where you first have to find the page starting with the first alphabet and then search your way manually.

Come on! I even can’t imagine that way. We have been now living with online technology for so long.

We can’t afford to have such manual efforts just for a word. has a built-in writing tool that checks your grammar and lets you swap words for synonyms by hovering over them.

5. Hemingway

The Hemingway App is a fantastic way to develop self-check & self-awareness as a copywriter. It is a very simple tool.

Easy to use and Easy to install.

Simply enter text to check your content and it highlights the ones which are too long or complicated.

Hemingway even identifies words with more appropriate synonyms.

The feature I like is it also gives your writing a score for readability. Of course, do not miss checking Thesaurus as well.

Since the text analysis is based on simple mathematical formulas, it is easy to “game” the app to get a better score without really improving your writing.

That happens with every AI tool we used.

There is also a more fundamental question about what makes writing good or bad.

Some have a preference for certain kinds of writing and others have different views.

Alongside this, it’s important to remember that the app does not have a semantic understanding of the text; it can’t identify how information and ideas are structured.

However, the interface is an effective sounding board for a finished content, and the simplicity makes this one of the most user-friendly copywriting tools available.

I’m a wordy writer. Yes, you can see how long I have been talking to you now.

You too are thinking, how did this happen?

Do not be shocked. I am a detailed person and a yes, a talkative one!

Hemingway app works out for me when I need to create 1,000-word blog posts, just like this one, but it’s not the best asset when I need something short and snappy when I’m working on copywriting projects.

It’s designed to help simplify sentences and keep copy concise and clear. I’ll use it on pretty much everything — from blogs and social captions to ad copy and press releases.

I love this tool because it helps me get to the point faster. When I’m rambling or taking too long to explain something, it tells me to knock it off.

It highlights sentences that are too complex, tallies adverbs and passive voice, and suggests simpler words and phrases. It even scores your writing on a readability meter.

Sometimes Hemingway is a little too harsh, but overall, it’s a powerful free writing tool to help keep copy impactful.

6. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Coschedule Headline Analyzer provides several tools that help you to workshop titles and subject lines, but the headline analyzer is their most popular copywriting tool. The tool uses the same kinds of mathematical formulas that the Hemingway App uses, but it also draws from a database of word categories.

Never underestimate the importance of a strong headline. According to PR Week, 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline, so you need to make sure it stands out.

Once I brainstorm 5–10 headline options, I run every single one through the free CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool. It scores your headlines based on different factors, including length, word balance, and sentiment.

Sometimes the headlines that score the best are the ones I was least excited about, so it’s a great writing tool to have in your arsenal. I also use this for Pinterest graphics, Facebook ad titles, and even email subject lines. It’s super easy to use and 100% free.

7. Duplichecker Tool

Last but not least, I use a nifty plagiarism tool to triple-check that everything is a-ok. I’ve tried a lot of different ones over the years, but Duplichecker Plagiarism Checker is one of my favorites.

It’s simple and accurate, and I like that it shows you paraphrased content, which a lot of other free options don’t.

The only annoying thing is that a free account can only check 500 words at a time, so if you have something longer, you’ll need to run it twice. Oh — and you have to turn off your ad blocker to use it.

Pros of Duplichecker tool

  • Plagiarism checker ( No brainer, right )
  • Easy to use
  • It’s free
  • Deep search
  • Detects plagiarism in multiple languages
  • Highlights grammatical errors
  • Differentiate duplicated and unique phrases
  • Create a deep search of up to 10,000 words.
  • Allows you to check plagiarism through text, URL, and different files such as doc, pdf, RTF, among others.
  • Gives you accurate results.
  • It has excellent artificial technology, so you can check plagiarism, paraphrased content, and grammatical errors.

This platform has a free version, which I use.

These tools, of course, are not 100% reliable but they at least provide you with enough value, and that too free.

With these tools making as your armor in the battle of attention-grabbing copies, you will shine. Having a little assistance is not a bad thing and so updating yourself with the new tools.

As you grow and start working with the help of these tools, you will see the difference in the speed of the work.

It will also help you ideate and create new words, new views, and new spare time.

Try it and experience it yourself.

The best part is they are free.

The maximum you will lose is nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

(Except for your email ID you might have entered in some of them! But you can opt-out, whenever you feel like they are not useful anymore)

person writing on white paper
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You will learn or you will love them.

These tools are an absolute must for me and a great way to improve your writing content.

They have helped me in curating delicious words along with new ideas, insights into the public vocabulary.

Try them once and you are gonna use inculcate them into your business for sure.

That’s my word and my personal experience.

Also, If you are still not sure and want to think more, Here’s an amazing read on “Why U Are Not Able To Take Life Changing Decisions?”

It will help you clarify and solidify your thoughts for sure.

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