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I was just taking a sip of my coffee.

And here you are. Hope you won’t mind me taking a sip while having a Little
chat play with you.

To tell you the truth, Whenever I thought of giving up or lost my hope, something
magical happens always.

Just right now, I was taking a break, losing all my energy and positivity,
thinking about how my blog has a long way to get handy for you, You just click
on the About section to know more about us.

I know, I know, Sentimental talks,

But honestly, this is what it is. You wanna know more about us and our work
and we are grateful for that. We love you.

And we know you will like us back for our work and commitment.

You see, everything is related to something. Just a sip of hot coffee and
all your bundled-up stress slowly starts to settle down. A small gesture by you
towards us, reading our blog, taking our services, and deciding to work with us
and you will get our well-written work which your business and brand will thank
you for that.



I know, Enough on what I was doing..

Let’s get back to why you clicked the About us button.

We, At Witmaze, are Grateful to have you here.

Let’s Get to the business……


Welcome our fellow creative writers and the Brain behind every gorgeous piece of written content out there in our world wide web network and physical literature assets full of creativity, emotions, knowledge and imaginations.

WitMaze started as a solution and speak up platform for writing professional. Rather than being trapped in the constant and isolated cycle of being just a writer’s inspiration guide, we want to focus on tricks, solutions, tools and lifestyle that’s better for you as a creative professional and as an artistic individual.

We provide solution to you in the form of service, tools and content on:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Content Strategist
  • Book review
  • Communication
  • And Anything related to writing

Our goal is to help all writing professionals to take some time out and focus on the small but important things that make up a meaningful written piece. We want to make you understand the importance of tools, creative unblocking’s, methods, stories and decluttered life, right from the smallest part.

A simple, yet more meaningful conversation.

Together, we will explore everyday solutions and journey through our blog: we write about everything from helpful tips to get started with your written piece of art and that to finding inspiration across the globe.

“It is our own responsibility to find solutions and inspirations .No one, I said, No one knows what you can do, better than you. And no one knows what can be done, unless believing the belief that it can be done”

– CT, Witmaze owner

Witmaze isn’t just a writing professional support choice: it’s a way of writer’s life and communicating inspirations and help right to your screen.

We aim to share positivity and help other writing professionals complete their piece of written art, more efficiently and live a more meaningful life that’s filled with inspiring people and connections with our writer’s community.