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Chitra Kumari thapa

We help brands that understand the hidden power of stories and psychology with a flair for personal development and Spirituality for Self-care.

Our ideal partners know Storytelling with psychology can be applied to every aspect of business or personal development, from content strategy to employee development pieces of training.

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Powerful not overpowering

From providing services of content writing, copywriting and content strategist, we made a huge shift to train office employees on the art of storytelling, learning psychology for personal development and Spirituality for Self-care.

A little Flash Back

I have studied MBA and majored in Marketing with Communication. Working in the corporate world, I realized that what I really love is the freedom and courage to express my thoughts without any barriers. To teach the power of story, spirituality and psychology but in practical aspects. And WitMaze made it possible to achieve that.

I help with story-Driven content strategy, Employee Development training and spirituality for self-care.


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I have been into content writing and copywriting for the past few years. I also took Marketing as my major in my Masters and then fell in love with how applying the right techniques of storytelling, psychology and the right mindset with spirituality can completely transform the way our message is conveyed.

As time passed, I learn more about it and received offers from clients and LinkedIn connections. Initially, I was hesitant to take the projects but by God’s Grace; I took that step and grab the opportunities. It made me realise that this is the right path and the best match for my life goals and what I would like to do for my whole life. Now, I am thrilled with what I do with a chance to change lives.

I love what I do currently and I am looking for more avenues to grow and impact more lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to Explore the fascinating world of storytelling, psychology, learning, self-development, and healing with our community of like-minded individuals and create an impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and individuals lead a balanced life that creates a healthy ecosystem of healing using storytelling and daily life psychology.

We will help you create your content strategy flow like a story but using the benefits of psychology, heal your employee family and grow with pieces of training.

So wait no more!

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🤞Don’t miss the next big me-growth moment!

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy and Terms & Conditions for more info.

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