Little decisions make your life

The beginnings

Why you are not able to change your life? Why you are not taking that decision?

Because your brain tells you so…………


Let’s find out how?

Before we begin, if your life is full of chaos and looking to simplify it, we have curated personally applied tips that really worked below. : Here’s why you are not able to take difficult decisions that can change your life.


I have been around with situations where I need to make a choice. A choice that can help grow. A choice that is uncertain. A choice that can change your life. A choice where I am hesitant to take the next step. A choice where I do not want to take risks but also not willing to give up the opportunity to grow.

Choice to change your life

Have you ever felt like that?

That you want to change your life but hesitate to do so?

Have you ever been in a similar situation in your life?

By my personal judgment, you must have at least once.

Slowly but surely change your life

Little – Little decisions make your life the way it is.

I ask myself: how to change your life

Earlier I used to think about why it is so difficult to make a choice. I tried to find out the reason and learned that it is all in our genes.

Yes, our genetics, our physical body, the way we are, and our ancestors affect us what we are and why we have difficulties making such decisions.

There is a part of the brain, known as the Amygdala, that signals us to stay away from dangers. It mainly focuses on protecting us from dangers and creating an imaginary situation in our brain to create fear.

Fear to stay away from the thing. Fear to move forwards. Fear to back up and fear to take the next best action to save yourself.

Our ancestors or human beings, in general, need such kind of mechanisms to protect themselves from wild animals, from fires, from an extreme situation, from dark places to make them safe, to protect their bodies.

During those days, there was not enough protection, not enough ways to live in comfort and everything seems uncertain to our ancestors.

They need to make sure that if any lion is wandering near the bush they need to hide or run far away from that place. They need to make sure that they need water and enough food in stock to survive during extreme days. They need to keep themselves warm and can use fire to protect themselves.

All these are induced by Amygdala. It activates the brain into certain conditions and decides to protect the body in the best possible next action, which is to create fear.

At those times, we as human beings need that fear. That was good for us. But not anymore.

We have established our living conditions, we are more developed and we now have ways to bring food to the table.

Decide to protect body

Fear- Good or Bad?

Let me tell you, fear can be good and fear can be bad.

Good to protect us and bad to keep us away from taking decisions that can allow us to make the best out of the opportunities.

We all take all of our decisions, at least for me, based out of two things.

And what those two things are?

————Fear and ———–Personal Power

The root of all our decisions- Fear or Personal Power

– Witmaze

Yes, these two things.

If you rewind your all past decisions and analyze them better, it is out of either fear or personal power.

Do you take your decisions out of fear or personal power?

Personal power is what we commonly called as the gut power. The inside voice.

Let me tell ya’ll. There is a difference between gut power/inside voice and what your heart says. Make sure you differentiate between the two first.

Change your life

My Fears…

If I take myself as an example, most of my decisions were out of fear.

Fear to invest in something which most of the people oppose at the moment, Fear to lose money in starting that business, Fear to go to the gym, thinking I might not be able to endure it. Fear to talk to people as I might mess up. Fear to go out on that first hike trail out of danger and an unknown place. Fear starting my own e-commerce store, thinking it will eventually fail.

But what would have happened, if I had that personal power at that moment and it overpowers that fear. What would have happened if, my personal power is strong and makes the decision to go on without making fear take the main stage?

I might have failed but I might succeed too,

Even if failed, I could have said that at least I tried. But I always listened to fear.

When I realized my problem, I started growing my personal power. I started strengthening and leaning more on personal power. I started tapping more into personal power.

And it changed my life.

It changed my perspective of looking at hard decisions and taking the next step. A kind of power within me emerged and it helped me in growing myself and changing my world.

Use personal power to change your life

Persona power to change your life

We are not saying to change the whole world and of course, you do not need you. But tapping into your personal power, utilizing it to make your decisions can change at least your life, your world, and eventually your family’s world, your children’s world, and your society. It in turn can change your big environment.

Even if you are able to change your world, you are changing your upcoming generation’s universe.

So why you shouldn’t?

Our ancestors need fear to make them survive, but the same fear is letting us away from taking the risk and losing that opportunity.

Think of the situation if you do not fear of losing the money invested in the business, would you still not start that business?

Think, if you do not fear of people’s opinions, would you still not take that path or talk to people without any hesitation. Even if it means that it can change your life.

Little Decisions – A Spice to change your life

Little decisions that make your life spicier

A small decision can change your life and so does a small decision.

Little – Little decisions make your life the way it is.

Instead of running with fear, we suggest that you run with personal power.

Run with self-awareness, run with self-power, run with no regret, and run with no fear.

If you make every decision of your life using personal power, we are sure you will make your life better than what it is currently and have no regrets.


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🤞Don’t miss the next big me-growth moment!

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