Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective

Writing a good story from copy marketing perspective

Writing a good story is very important and the driving factor of any marketing plan.

It needs a good copy, a good understanding of the problem and a good skill to translate that into a relatable story which tells you to do something without actually making you feel like you are being told.

But you still need one more skill to conquer the copywriting game.

Learn How To Write Actionable Copy For Marketing Materials and Copywriting Techniques before writing any story. It will help you strong your basic copywriting skills.

Do you remember the days when we all were fascinated by the movies or games or webtoons (comics- in old days)

 If yes, you have lived your life.

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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I am someone who can learn anything (I mean it).

But the only thing I pre-required is the right logic and a good beneath strong story which can connect the dots.

Of course, I need the story to be either new learning or inspiring enough to leave a mark.

Enough bragging about myself ( I kinda felt shy now )

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You must have remembered the days when a TV ad (advertisement) comes up and you already know the exact story, exact dialogue, and many a time the associated music as well.

Did you just remember one of them?

These are the magic of a good story.

A good story is needed everywhere.

A good story help in creating excitement, connection and gives a strong sense of reason of why it needs the support and should be supported.

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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When we as a copywriter, try to create any copies, we need to know what the creation story of the brand is, how the brand was created, what is the motive of the current copy, whom we are targeting, and what we want them to do.

All in all, we need to show them their part of life in a good story but also make sure that they feel related, not offended.

Good stories = Good backbone

Good stories = Good backbone

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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The main purpose of the story is to compel people into an emotional state and then into an actionable state.

Yes, the stories writing style is a bit different in the marketing world than that of a professional book writer ( fiction or non-fiction ).

As you know being compelling is half a battle won, and all this can be only achieved with the creation of a great story.

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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Great stories: If you know how to tell a great story your marketing copies get opened every time.

Grasping the great skills to tell a great story isn’t hard.

All it requires is a continuous practice, a clear sense of mission ( desired message outcome ), and the below critical elements.

Here are the critical elements:

1. Start a story:

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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It’s a different kind of messaging impact between

“Hey, here is the solution for your dry skin”


“Lucy was so much irritated with her dry skin that she went on to find a solution.

It was So good that she got one for her, one for her daughter, and one for her mom.”

A simple change, a small amount of behind the story, creates a huge impact.

Start your story.


Telling a problem that leads the main character to you or your solutions.

2. Add a character and plot structure:

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See just adding a character name and plotting into a simple structure works.

In our above example, you see just telling the solution through a character-based out of your buyer persona, completely changed the feel of the message.

It felt more relatable, emotional, and believable.

This is what we want.

This is what our product story needs to be.

3. A simple story structure:

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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Next so what is a simple story structure.


Each story has

Beginning: a person with a problem

Middle: action taken

End: problem solved

Now here is something which is really powerful in a story that I have to tell you, It is the power of curiosity

4. Pique their curiosity:

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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So if through anyway, a question, an unusual fact, or other things you can generate their curiosity, then they are yours and all ears.

“How did Jennifer Aniston look so young even though she is over 40?”

Curious about the story.

Think of your message as a story. Your customer is the hero and you are the guy who tells him what to do and get through the cracks.

Qualities are really important. Do you know what all qualities you need to make yourself outshine in the copywriting market? Read here.

5. Values and character:

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If you are like someone who wants the other person to do what they wanna do, then you are gonna love this solution.

Some people do stuff because they are told to do so and some because they are given a good reason to do so. Or by an incentive and then there are the rebels.

They are the most difficult ones the rebels. Some of them are even inclined to do what they want that they only do what they believe in.

Do you know anyone like that?

Nay, does it remind you of a teenager?

The sure-fire way is that:

You can motivate anyone by connecting to their character and values.

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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So, a sentence like I know you know, you value honesty so I’ll tell you straight

Or in this community, we share a value of.

Works well.

As the great Seth Godin says, “People like us, do things like us”

A copywriter like us do think like us

An engineer like us, plan like us

A consumer like us, feel like us

Make it big even if you got a hard time saying it


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6. The three most important words:

If you have come this far and know what you really want using these 3 simple words you can win anywhere.

Of course, you can use it in your copy materials but also can use it in your meetings, in social media in family meetings.

The words are: YOU GET BECAUSE

Simple right.

Before that let’s break it down.

YOU: Identify who you are speaking to and address them directly- you should make sure that you or the specific person is clear, They should know that we are talking to that particular person

Identify you correctly.

You mean homemakers

You mean students

GET: Identify the offer you are making” Make specific what they will get

You, my community will get a 20% discount

You, my readers, will get a free pdf

BECAUSE: Identify why they are getting the offer—

You, my community will get a 20% discount cause you have been loyal

You, my readers, will get a free pdf because no one should stop you from learning.

If you still are thinking that the tips shared are not enough and want to learn more about copywriting in particular.

We have created a long form of content loaded with practical tips on writing a good copy from successful copywriters. They know what they are doing, so learn from them.

good story
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Have you heard of a famous social experiment about the “BECAUSE”

Did I hear NO?

Let me tell you.

In a big organization, you might have seen printer or cutter and so the lines to get that those done.

The experiment was done around that area to see what persuade a person to do something for others or to sacrifice something to help others.

The one batch asked a simple word: Can I cut in line?

And the simple reply was Noooo.

However, when the second batch said the other reason, it was quite interesting.

They said that: Can I cut in line because my boss needs them really early?

People were eager to let them. Even as rubbish as because I need to get it done fast.

See the power of because and simply “You Get Because”

write good story
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So make sure to use them in your communication and marketing copies before sending or sharing out anything that it should be crystal clear as to who you are talking to, what do they get, and why they are receiving these.

Shortly—you get because……..

With that, our conversation and learning also end here for the benefit of digestible information.

It’s better to learn less but enough to apply them. Right!

Do you like these tips?

How do you feel?

If in any way it has helped you or opened up your mind with ideas, feel free to tell me in the comments, and do not forget to share with your buddies.

Writing A Good Story From Copy Marketing Perspective
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It can help them also to increase their command on writing a story that lasts long.

And you to get a constant reminder of these tips.

As a copywriter, you already understands the importance of a correct branding for your copywriting business. Know the things which you should keep in mind while building brand for free here.

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